School of Dance

Thank you for choosing Studio 7 School of Dance! 

Please feel free to contact Kelli Smith if you have any questions at (814) 634-9013 (studio), (814) 442-1406 (cell) *Best number to use*, or email

​*For COVID-19 Policies and Procedures, please email  This is a fluid document that is constantly changing.  Thanks!

Kelli Smith,  Chelsey Tressler, Jackie McKenzie, Alexis Day, Kenda Miller, and Katie Steinberg are on the instructional staff at Studio 7. They offer a very high level of dance and preschool knowledge and enjoy passing their love of dance on to their students.

Dance classses began on Monday, September 15, 2021 and will run until the recital which is Saturday, May 14th, 2022.

Class Descriptions:
1. Preschool Class-
A 45-minute class for ages 2-4 (Being potty trained is heavily encouraged). This class introduces students to tap, ballet, and socialization.  
2. Regular Class-
This is a 45-minute class for all age groups that consists of tap and jazz technique.
3. Ballet-
This is a 45-minute class for ages 5 and up. This class will consist of technique, barre and basic ballet skills.
           *This class is highly recommended to enhance student technique in ALL areas of dance. *
4. Contemporary-
This is a 45-minute class for experienced dancers that combines contemporary and ballet technique. This is a style of dance that combines variations of ballet, jazz, and modern. Due to limited space and at the discretion of the instructor(s), placement in this class will be based on dancer’s technical ability as they will be expected to perform at a higher level. Those not selected will be recommended for ballet.
5. Drill Team-
This is a 45-minute class of jazz skills set to upbeat music with a sole purpose of looking uniform. Cheerleading movements and tricks included.  This is for students 10+.  Requirements are high energy and enthusiasm!
6. Cheer (formerly Pom)-
This is a 45-minute class of stretching, cheerleading technique and jazz skills.  This is for ages 5-9. Requirements are high energy and a lot of enthusiasm! The use of pom poms will be dependent on COVID-19.
7. Hip Hop-
This is a 45-minute class where students learn how to increase rhythm and movement with high energy music and funky movements. This is for students ages 5+.
8. Private Lessons-
Dancers must be registered in the form of dance to match the desired type of solo. Consideration for selection will include seniority, company dancers, previous year’s attendance, positive attitude, enthusiasm, and high level of commitment to dance. Limited space available!  Not everyone will receive a private spot even if they had one in the past due to time constraints. Privates will begin by October. Return your registration form ASAP for consideration!
   -Individuals selected must sign a commitment voucher to perform their routine more than one time at the recital. 
               -Solo tuition- $150               Duo tuition- $125/dancer                Trio tuition- $100/dancer
9. Company Tap, Jazz, and Hip Hop-
Company auditions were held in June for dancers ages 10+.  Individuals who accept the company contract are the only individuals able to register for these classes.

Payment Books:
Dance payment books have been distributed at open house. If you were unable to attend open house you can look forward to receiving your booklet at your first dance lesson. Payment books will consist of monthly envelopes along with 3 special payment envelopes for costume deposits, tight orders, and costume balances. A payment box is located in the first waiting room. ALL payments need to be in the correct payment envelope and placed in the payment box. I will check the box every night at closing.

Tuition:  Online & In-Person Session Offered
Class       $30.00/mo
2 Classes    $50.00/mo
3 Classes    $65.00/mo
4 Classes    $80.00/mo
Company Classes are $20.00 each/mo

For families with more than one child dancing; the first child is regular price and additional children receive $10.00 off!

Tuition is due the first lesson of every month. After the first lesson of each month a $10.00 late fee will be added. If your child is sick or is unable to attend the first class of the month, arrangements need to be made for payments to arrive on time. Tuition rates are month and not based on attendance.  Insufficient funds will carry a $30.00 fee. If this is a concern for you, we suggest paying cash or money order.  Those students, who are taking private lessons, must have their private tuition paid in full by October 1,  2021. Please be prompt for lessons and mark your calendars as to not forget.
               Solo tuition- $150
               Duo tuition- $125/dancer
               Trio tuition- $100/dancer

Shoes orders will be placed at Discount Dance.  Please click the SHOES tab closer to the start of the dance season and follow the steps to ordering shoes at your own convenience.  All dancers MUST have their correct shoes for the season on their feet by the beginning of October to practice properly.  Thanks a lot!

It is important that those who pay by check pay with separate checks when necessary. For example: if you come in to pay for monthly tuition, shoe order, and costume deposit, I will need three checks. Please use the individual payment envelopes for different payments when specified. I greatly appreciate your attention to this matter.

If a student repetitively misses dance class without prior notice, a written warning will be sent home. If the problem persists, that student’s position in class will be forfeited. No exceptions.
*Company dancers may not have more than 5 absences all year.

Dress Code:
Students may wear leotards, tutus, spandex shorts, sports bras, leotards, dance pants, snug fitting capris, etc. Sweatshirts and baggy clothing will not be allowed on during class. Ballet and contemporary dress code requires students to wear tights and any colored leotards. Please abide by this dress code so we are better able to watch each student’s technique.

Weather Cancellations:
Just because local school districts may have been canceled or dismissed early does not mean Studio 7 will be closed. Please check our Band App to see if Studio 7 has been closed due to inclement weather. PLEASE NOTE: Classes will NOT necessarily be made up when missed for bad weather! This policy is ONLY in effect for inclement weather. If the students are off for Act 80 days/In-service or any other scheduled school closings, dance classes will be held that night, unless otherwise noted in a newsletter.

Please mail anything that is due to: Studio 7 School of Dance 305 Main St. Meyersdale, PA 15552. You may also use the payment box in the first waiting room during dance hours, or if the studio is closed you may drop it off in the outside mailbox. Please make every attempt to meet all deadlines! If for some reason your payment will be late, please let me know

Band App:
ALL Studio 7 School of Dance families need to be using the Band App this year.  Think of this app as a rubber band to bind us all together.  This will eliminate searching for emails, texts, and Facebook posts.  EVERYTHING will be found in this ONE APP!  Click HERE to join our Band group!
Contact Kelli Smith at 814-442-1406 or email with any questions!