School of Dance

Studio 7 School of Dance
2017-2018 Shoe Orders

NEW!  ---This works much better using a laptop instead of a cell phone!
This year, dancers will have the opportunity to order their shoes online instead of ordering through the studio.  Shoe rates are cheaper this way for parents and shoes will come directly to your house instead of the studio. 

Open House- At open house on Wednesday, August 9, 2017, all shoes will be available at the studio for sizing and once the dance season begins if you miss open house!  You will mark your sizes down and go home and order them at your convenience.  All students MUST have their shoes ordered and on their feet at class by October 9, 2017.

Directions for ordering-
1. Go to
2. Click the Student tab at the top left.  If you are looking at the site on
     your cell phone, you have to go to the bottom and click Desktop Site
      in order to find the Student tab!  It’ll show up automatically on a laptop.
                -Click- Find My Dress Code
                                -In the search you MUST type- 119974
3. Scroll down and click Studio 7 School of Dance and click Dress Lists
4. You will see a drop down menu.  Click the class that your child has
joined this year and select the type of dance shoe you are ordering from
the list.
5. In each category you will see Teacher Notes.  Please READ these so you
make sure you order the shoes in the correct color.
6. Once you have selected the size, width, color, and amount, click on the
"Add to Bag" button.  Be sure to apply the Teacher Code coupon (to the right) to earn 8% off your first order!

Hip Hop Shoes will be discussed during class with your dancer’s instructor once costumes are selected.  More information to come once it is available.  These shoes do not need purchased by the end of September.

**Be sure to enter the Studio 7 code every time you order!   119974**